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CommunityDisaster RecoveryEmergency
We will be joining together to sort, tag and bag stuffed animals for first responders and kids in unbearable situations.
San Diego,CA
Accepting volunteers
Collecting Coats & items and bringing people together in a way that ALL no matter income can help support the needs of our community.
Accepting volunteers
Volunteers will be sorting, cleaning, and packaging 500 pounds LEGO to give to children in need.
Granite Bay,CA
Accepting volunteers
Prepare and serve meals to homeless, low-income, and hungry neighbors in need.
San Rafael,CA
Accepting volunteers
Running the Baby Item Day's, Food Market Day's, as well as restock the shelves with repackaged diapers and wipes.
San Antonio,TX
Accepting volunteers
A town-wide day of service to clear Historic Frederiksted of trash and debris as well as install trash receptacles throughout the town.
Not Accepting volunteers
We are collecting toys for toddlers in the Houston area!
Not Accepting volunteers
We make handmade quilts for those without a permanent home, create community quilting programs and teach quilting workshops in shelters.
Stony Brook,NY
Not Accepting volunteers